Reclamite Preservative Seal

Reclamite® is outstanding for its ability to delay the aging process from the outset and reverse any premature aging that might be caused by construction variables such as: excess heat at the hot plant, excess voids caused by low temperature compaction, critical mix design and other inconsistencies.


In New Construction (up to 1 year), Reclamite® offers three beneficial reactions:


1. Increases the penetration value in the top portion of the pavement, extending the period of time in which aging takes place.


2.Reclamite seals the pavement from the intrusion of air and water, slowing oxidation, preventing stripping and raveling and protecting the pavement to its full depth.


3. Increases the durability of the asphalt in the top portion of the pavement by improving the chemical composition of the asphalt.

In preventive maintenance, Reclamite® should be applied at the first signs of aging of the surface course, pitting, raveling, shrinkage and cracking.


Applying Reclamite® at periodic intervals offers the following advantages:

1. Restores the proper balance among the five asphalt components.

2. Restores flexibility and ductility to the top portion of the pavement.

3. Seals the surface against intrusion of air and water.

4. Stops raveling and stripping of the aggregate.

5. Road markings and striping will remain visible to the degree that immediate striping won’t be necessary.