CRF® Restorative/Scrub Seal is a petroleum oil and water cationic emulsion. Unlike standard asphalt emulsion, CRF® does not harden or "dry out." Designed as a one component emulsion that effectively repairs cracks in concentrated form, CRF® provides a excellent pavement restorative seal when applied in diluted form. CRF® Restorative/Scrub Seal is a combination of spray action and scrub seal pressing the material into the cracks and voids of the asphalt. The sand then penetrates the emulsion and adds additional binder strength. This sand/emulsion combination is kneaded by vehicular traffic to provide a long term seal. CRF® Restorative Seal is superior to standard asphalt emulsions: CSS or SS emulsions. Lower in asphaltene with rejuvenator qualities, it is less receptive to oxidation. Not just designed to "coat" the surface aggregate, CRF® holds the sand added to it and the emulsion fills surface voids with a very flexible product.