Pavement Evaluations:

From visual hands-on evaluations of existing pavement, product absorption ring testing, core testing and analysis to the development of pavement preservation programs, Proseal Inc. is pleased to provide the in-depth pavement evaluations much needed in  today's budgeting crisis.

Turnkey product application and contracting: 

Proseal inc. is a respected contractor capable of  complete turnkey contracting of any of our superior product lines. We also take pride in joint ventures with city and county organizations where they may want to assist in sweeping, traffic control ,or sanding to hold costs to a minimum. The strategic planning that goes into every job, including color coded resident flyers, helps to insure clear resident notification and ease the inconvenience for traffic related issues. 

Product Sales and Services:

Sales of CRF crack filler and material application pump assemblies governmental agencies and contractors is one of Proseal's best utilized products outside of its in-house contracted jobs. Along with CRF we sell Coherex dust control agents to horse stable owners, feed lots, rock quarrys, mines, dirt race tracks, and townships that are experiencing dust control problems.

Proseal also provides turnkey product application for all of its product lines.