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Proseal Inc.

Proseal Inc. has introduced innovative pavement preservation services to state, county, and city municipalities by using asphalt rejuvenators and scrub seals to prolong the life of asphalt as opposed to other traditional methods such as chip or slurry seals. 

Proseal Inc. applies a full line of rejuvenators including products used in high and low volume traffic areas, including city streets, highways, airports, as well as, cart, bike, and walking  paths.

With branches in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, combined with specialty products like Reclamite, PASS QB, CRF Scrub Seal, and Coherex to name a few, Proseal Inc. is sure to have the right product for your road with today's budgeting crisis.

Our satisfied customers include:

• Department of Defense

• Army Corp. of Engineers

• State Department of Transportations throughout the Midwest

• County Governments throughout the Midwest

• City Governments throughout the Midwest

  1. •Airport Authorities


For more info or a free pavement evaluation please call or email.

Phone Kansas: 316-650-9805
Phone Oklahoma:  918-630-7609
Nebraska Toll Free: 1-866-650-9805



To submit an application or inquire about becoming part of the Proseal team of employees,
send us an email at and we will get in contact with you


Proseal Inc.
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Augusta, KS      Tulsa, OK      Lincoln, NE
Toll Free 1-877-650-9805